Anonymous: I'm so happy for you!!!!! I'm so glad you felt that confident and that boy was sweet and appreciative of you!

Thanks lovely :) xx 


Ok so last night I had a guy come over and stay the night and I’d never been totally naked in front of anyone before, so we were lying in bed after the hanky panky fool around time, and he asked me why I was smiling, and I whispered very dramatically "there’s a naked man in my bed" And he laughed and said "and you’re naked next to him… and very confident about it" And I could not. freaking. stop smiling and I let him know that I had never been that confident before, that I’m never that confident at all. So we’re lying there, he’s completely nude, I’m completely nude, he’s got an arm around my shoulder and a leg between my legs… and he high fives me. 

Because he said he felt the moment was right. 

It was too perfect. 

I feel cute and girly and my makeup is cute and my sweater is cute and the guy I like will be here in a few hours and I’m just so excited!
Nervous too, insanely so. 
I’ve never spent the night with a guy before, and definitely never one who I like. He knows I want to take things at my speed, so I don’t think he has too many expectations for tonight. I’m just really looking forward to cuddles and its just very very exciting! :D